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This Talking Is Only Bravado: In a Lifehacker poll from March 2011, nearly a third of respondents...

In a Lifehacker poll from March 2011, nearly a third of respondents said they owned at least five computers, an especially astounding figure if you consider that smartphones didn’t count in the poll. Only 8 percent of respondents owned just one computer. To be fair, Lifehacker readers aren’t your average American—it’s a site dedicated to improving your life through technology, and its fans are probably more internet-savvy and inclined toward gadgets than most. Nevertheless, the typical American consumer isn’t wholly different. In 2009, more than a quarter of all American households had three televisions, and nearly 10 percent had five or more. When it came to the more general “rechargeable electronic devices,” almost 10 percent had nine or more. The EPA says people in the United States now have a combined total of 3 billion electronic products. And every year, the average person will spend $1,200 on acquiring more, only to throw away the stuff they already have. Americans throw away about 130,000 computers per day, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council. We also toss about 100 million cellphones a year.

I wrote about why I don’t really buy stuff I have to plug in.

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